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trading commodities can be stressful

The inherent uncertainties of trading in agricultural commodities make it a complex, risky endeavor. Factor in the impact of powerful global trends on a shrinking world, and success in agritrading has never been more challenging, even for the most experienced brokers.

Growing Demand for Organics

Accessing a wide variety of competitively-priced high-demand products is complicated and time-consuming.

Climate change and global warming

The rise of unusual weather patterns and natural disasters cause increased volatility.

transport logistics complexities

Poor scheduling, delays, breakdowns, and even failure to deliver is extremely costly.

Trade barriers and compliance

Understanding import regulations, standards and sanctions has never been more critical.

Diversity of cultural norms

Sensitivity to established cultural guidelines is essential.

World currency volatility

Ever-changing commerce policies can make financing difficult if not impossible.

when the stakes are high

you deserve a different kind of broker

Not all brokers are alike. While many are competent generalists, few are specialists offering the sophisticated mastery and personalized service required for success in all aspects of agritrading. The confidence and success C)H AgriTrading customers enjoy is the result of our four decades of experience in agri commodity trade finance.

one-stop convenience

Enjoy the peace of mind and simplicity offered by our global source of reliable, high quality agri commodities.

long-term relationships

We’ve built lasting, trusting relationships with fully established grain, food and feed suppliers.

financing expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of short-term financing helps you better manage cash flow with mutually agreed-upon payment terms.

logistics perfected

Responsive, nimble supply chain distribution and transportation support takes the stress out of this critical but often over-looked aspect of successful trading.

compliance expertise

Compliance challenges can take many forms. We excel at anticipating each customer’s regulatory requirements,  including inspections, trade barriers, sanctions, and understanding your unique cultural norms and guidelines. 

world-class service

Our high-touch approach to serving you is consistently proactive and focused helping your business succeed. We’re not satisfied until your shipment arrives as planned and as promised.

“At C)H AgriTrading, our purpose is to plant and cultivate mutually beneficial long-term relationships between suppliers of agriculture commodities and buyers located in Middle Eastern countries.”

About richard e. helling


Richard was raised in a Colorado farming family dating back over 100 years. He has a significant understanding and respect for agriculture and its importance throughout the world. Broad global connections, and knowledge of and respect for the countries of the Middle East further contribute to what makes C)H AgriTrading such a valued specialist.